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Copyrights:  Any images containing original art, or any other creative endeavor on this web site, are copyrighted by the artist, and may in no way be used for any purpose other than viewing online, unless they are part of a written contract agreement, or with specific permission.


This restriction INCLUDES:

•downloading for personal or public use

•use in other electronic formats

•emailing images or text

•re-printing or publishing in any format


•copying an image or product idea to pass off as your own

All images are the intellectual and creative property of the artist and/or the client for whom they were created -- as the case may be in a contractual agreement. Any alteration or unauthorized use violates the copyright restrictions that have been here set forth. 


Any profits made from any form of the artist's work, must be shared with the artist in accordance with contracts or agreements previously agreed upon. Not all client contracts will be structured by way of percentage of sale. Those that are must adhere to stated copyright restrictions. No resale of artwork outside of stated copyright is permitted.






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